Mesquite, Nevada

October 2018

Elbow Canyon


Since it is illegal to gamble in Utah, numerous Utahan’s cross into Nevada for purposes of gambling. From our home in central Utah, we are approximately 4 hours from Mesquite, Nevada. Interstate 15 will lead you to and through St. George, Utah. Like most cities in Utah, this city has a Mormon background, and was named after a Mormon. In 1863, St. George became the county seat of Washington County. Today, St. George is the eighth largest city within the Utah borders, and the largest city in Washington County. A multitude of retired folk retreat to St. George for their retirement years. Its moderate climate has also intrigued those that desire to have a second home. “Snowbirds” is a term commonly used for those who live in St. George during the colder months, and then move north of St. George during the warmer/hotter months. The beautiful scenery, and the close proximity of different incomparable recreation attracts new residents and many visitors.

Benja Thai and Sushi / St. George, Utah

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It has become apparent to us through our travels that we seek out Thai restaurants to dine in. Benja Thai and Sushi, our lunch destination. The prices were not bad, but the food was not top quality like we were accustomed to from other Thai restaurants that we have dined in, such as Bangkok House Too in Moab, Utah. The Tom Ka Gai soup was exceptionally delicious, but compared to other Thai restaurants, the protein in the soup was quite skimpy — almost seemed non existent. We are big on healthy portions of protein in our dishes. The edamame appetizer wasn’t as delicious as we were accustomed to either. It was overcooked, and the edamame pods were baby pods, instead of adult pods. The rainbow sushi was okay, the raw fish on top of the roll was not very good. We should have just ordered a California roll, and cut out the additional sushi toppings.

Virgin River Gorge

Virgin River

The tricky driving conditions and its winding curves, the Virgin River Gorge is a mild thrill seeking drive through a long canyon between St. George, Utah and Beaver Dam, Arizona. The Virgin River carved out this canyon. This section of Interstate 15 is one of the most expensive portions ever constructed. During the drive, your vehicle passes over the river several times.

Casablanca Resort and Casino

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Our hotel away from home for the weekend was the CasaBlanca Hotel and Casino. We like a more modern type style, gold is just not our thing. But it seems to work for hotels and casinos, as if it’s their thing. The CasaBlanca was the busiest hotel and casino all weekend, it was probably due to these reasons. The price of the room wasn’t too expensive. Ventilation was better than the other two casino’s, especially the Virgin River. The buffets are typically the popular eating establishments. Even though I really liked the Eureka brunch buffet, my wife did not enjoy it that much. We both enjoyed the CasaBlanca seafood buffet Friday night. There were more options for my wife to choose from that night.

Adventure Time Tours

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I made reservations with Adventure Time Tours to experience a half day UTV trail ride. They only rent Polaris UTV’s. They have either a 2-passenger or a 4-passenger Polaris RZR XP 1000 Side by Sides. It’s unique that each rented off-road vehicle is prepped and ready to ride directly from their rental facility, which is just south of Polaris World and the test track. A cooler of water is included in the rental. We had rented a Side by Side previously from another business, and we could not drive directly to our trail destination. Some of the time that was paid for went to traveling as well as unloading and loading the machine. It definitely is better and more convenient for the customer to be able to leave directly from the rental facility. That is certainly a ten in our book.

Grand Canyon National Monument

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Because the employee was dealing with another couple, we were not able to leave right at our scheduled rental time. We left approximately 30 minutes after our rental time had officially begun. We were not out anything. He made good on our time. Another ten in our book.

This company is a brand new company, only been in business about 8 or 9 months. The employee that we dealt with is very knowledgeable. They go beyond most rental businesses by providing an emergency locator transmitter with each rental. This $2,000 gadget will dispatch an emergency response team from Nellis Air Force Base to your location in case of an emergency, this could be the difference between life and death if an accident occurred. You are also provided a much cheaper option if help were needed, in a non-life threatening manner. The device puts you directly in contact with Adventure Time Tours. Each machine is also equipped with a GPS device and traditional maps to help you find your way. We asked what would be a good four hour ride, and he recommended his favorite. The loop that we rode apparently looks different on our screen than on the screen of the business. There were two route options to choose from along the way. We couldn’t go wrong, because they would both end up in the same spot. We choose route 1041, instead of 101. Our location on the GPS system kept getting further and further away from the trail that we were supposed to be on. At first, it was heart stopping scary. But then as we inched closer to our destination on the opposite side, our fears were laid to rest. It takes about four hours to complete the loop that we did. Therefore, you honestly do not have room for mistakes, or even picnics, certainly take pictures as you go along, just don’t linger for too long. You’ve got to keep moving to make it back in time.

Elbow Canyon Area

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I like powerful engines with a good balance of torque to horsepower. The Polaris engines have never impressed me, but that isn’t to suggest that I wouldn’t rent a Polaris machine again and again. They are sufficient enough for a rental. And the one that we rented was quite reliable, and ran well. The suspension on that machine did impress me. My wife was quite happy, as her insides didn’t get jostled around too much.  

We would recommend that anyone who likes to ride, or who likes a new adventure, and will be heading to Mesquite, Nevada or even St. George, Utah make reservations with Adventure Time Tours to enjoy a fun, exciting ride, an adventure with them is definitely worth it. (

View of Mesquite from UTV Trail

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We have enjoyed having you along on our adventures. We invite you to continue traveling with us. Soon, a short story will be posted regarding our travels to Mesquite, Nevada. We would love for you to revisit and enjoy the written works of a new aspiring writer, Anneberly Andrews aka, my wife, Kimberly LaDamus.

Come back again and again, and share with your friends.

Short Videos of Our Trip:

Virgin River Gorge

Elbow Canyon Area

Elbow Canyon Area 2

Elbow Canyon Area 3

Videos were made with a GoPro HERO5

A short story by Anneberly Andrews:

A Gamblers Addiction


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