Why do I travel?

There are many reasons why people travel. I often hear it’s for making memories, embarking on new adventures, and scheduling time to relax. I can agree with all of those reasons. There are actually some people who hate traveling; I, personally cannot relate. I absolutely love traveling, and exploring new destinations is exhilarating.

For me, traveling is an escape from my everyday obligations and responsibilities. I’m a Type A personality, and when I’m home, I feel the need and the pressure to accomplish many things throughout my day. Quite often, I’m too busy working to enjoy leisure time; this is never a good thing, in my opinion. My favorite way, and only way to travel is with my wife, Kimberly. She’s my soulmate (and I mean true soulmate, I’m not just spewing forth common nomenclature) plus, she’s my best friend. I cherish the alone time our trips provide. It’s a time for us to focus more on each other, while relaxing, and absorbing all the beauty that this world has to offer.

We live close to I-15 in Utah, and every time I am at the gas station, I see many people who are traveling. I wonder where they are going, as well as, where have they been. It always makes me wish Kimberly and I were also traveling. There is so much to see in this world. One needs to choose wisely. Even if we didn’t need to work, and had unlimited funds, it’s not possible to visit all the amazing destinations out there.

Without fail, the last day of our trips, I always wish we had more time. The time goes by so fast, I’m never ready to head home. Although, the day after returning from a trip, I feel refreshed and focused. So, for me, there are many reasons why I travel. Experiencing a new place, great memories, and time spent with my wife, are all priceless, my friend.

So, why do you travel? I look forward to your response.


One thought on “Why do I travel?

  1. I travel because it is my husbands passion, and my passion is spending time with him. Seeing how he experiences the world is priceless for me. I enjoy every second we have together.

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