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Life, as an adult, is not just about working, taking care of others, and not allowing time for yourself. Regardless of your obligations, life is about living. Living consists of learning, experiencing, and accomplishing things day by day. In the scheme of things, no matter if you live 100+ years, life is actually fairly short. Days and nights fly by, sometimes with only one blink of an eye. Time just does not slow down for anything.

Many people live to work, and the only goals that they have are to just survive. They become distraught because they were not able to live the life that they desired. How would one be able to change this path? Creating a bucket list can help.

What is a bucket list?
A bucket list is a list of things that many people would like to accomplish, do, and/or see before their life ends, or in other words, which is a very common phrase, “kick the bucket”.

What is the purpose of a bucket list?
The purpose of a bucket list is to set goals, whether they are short-term, long-term, or both. As well as to always strive to live for something.

Why are goals important?
Goals give a person purpose in life. They allow a person to focus and look forward to something. Goals also allow a person to work towards something. As well as, goals allow a person something to accomplish. And they allow a person to believe that they are living for something, and for themselves, instead of just living to work. Goals also help to provide people direction in their life.

Why is direction important?
Direction helps people remain focused. Without direction, people tend to feel lost. They start to question life in general, and the purpose of it. The brain needs something to think about. The heart needs something to lust after. And the body needs something to do. Direction is a guide towards new experiences, new adventures, new accomplishments, and creating new memories.

Why are memories important?
Memories are the building blocks of understanding that you are living your life with meaning. They help a person to cherish their life. But most importantly, they help to keep you focused on the important things in your life — which is actually living.

Why are goals typically set?
The new year brings forth new beginnings, and billions of New Year’s Resolutions, that typically fall to the wayside six weeks into the new year. Goals for the terminally ill are a way to cherish the last moments of their life. We wouldn’t recommend creating a bucket list for only those reasons. We would recommend that you incorporate these goals into your already prepared bucket list. To check more things off of your list, and to feel more accomplished, we recommend that you have a mix of short-term and long-term goals. Keep in mind that you are never too old, or too young to start a bucket list.

When is the list complete?
A bucket list is an ongoing list. It is not intended to end until your life ends. And even then, your list wouldn’t have to end, a family member or friend, can pick up where you left off, if they desired to do so. Post your list where you can can see it. Be creative to find ways to check things off of your list. And never stop adding to it. You will never regret the life you lived if you live by your bucket list.


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  1. Italy is definitely on my list. Some other things are running a marathon, peak bagging, I would like to learn to speak Italian, and sell at least one book.

    That bucket is cute.

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