Christmas in Bethlehem

Nowadays, Christmas has become so commercialized. I feel like the true meaning of Christmas is lost in the how much money can I spend commotion.

Experiencing Christmas in Bethlehem would take you out of the commercialized Christmas, and put you right into the heart of what Christmas is truly about. My wife and I have not had the opportunity to spend Christmas in Bethlehem, but it’s certainly on our bucket list.

Bethlehem is the city where Jesus was born, and because of this, Christmas in Bethlehem is a major event. The various denominations do not celebrate Christmas on the same day, this is why Bethlehem celebrates Christmas on multiple days. The Christmas season begins December 24th and ends January 18th. Bethlehem keeps to the traditions of the Holy Land, and the various Christian denominations. The streets are lined with beautiful Christmas lights for that traditional Christmas feel that North Americans and Europeans are accustomed too.

With each denomination celebrating in many ways, Bethlehem transforms to the most holiest of all places on earth. Most processions make their way through Manger Square, which stands atop of the traditional site of Jesus’ birth.

St. Catherine’s Catholic Church

Each denomination has its own special place where their Christmas services are held. Catholic services take place in St. Catherine’s Church. Protestant services are often held at the Shepherds’ Fields. Basilica of the Nativity is where most Orthodox and Armenian services and events occur.

If you are a traveler that prefers a tour guide, don’t fret, there is a 2 day tour, where you will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day seeing many of the major religious sites that surround this important Christian holiday.

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