Fact or Fiction – Is Vacation Sex Better?

So what’s up with all the talk about vacation sex? Why do couples find it more enticing and exciting than sex at home? After much research, personal experience, and deliberation, this is what I came up with.

  1. People are generally in a great mood when on vacation. Combine that with the excitement of new surroundings, and sexual desire will surely intensify.
  2. While on vacation, work and everyday obligations are not a concern, this allows us to relax more. We aren’t worried about meeting deadlines, or what we’re going to make for dinner. Being relaxed clears our minds and lets us focus on each other. This attention increases affection for one another, and takes intimacy up a level or two.
  3. People typically dress better when on vacation, which often times includes dressing sexier (or should in my opinion). For obvious reasons, this increases the desire to get your partner out of his/her clothes.
  4. The hotel room furniture is waiting to be used. Sex can be had on anything and everything. (Try not to break anything, that does include yourself.)
  5. A hotel room with a view of the ocean, mountains, or anything scenic, is romantic. Combine that with watching the sunset and you may find yourselves having sex in front of that giant picture window. (If your room is on the ground floor, you may want to close the drapes before getting started, otherwise, you could get into trouble.)
  6. Neighbors? What Neighbors, you don’t care who is in the room beside you, below you, or even above you. Being quiet is the least of your concerns. So what, if you’re in the hallway and run into the neighbor next door. Give them a polite, smug grin, reinforcing the fact that you were the couple being loud last night. (We don’t condone being loud into the late night hours, that’s a sure way to be an inconsiderate asshole, and get into trouble with the hotel staff.)

I, personally, am leaning more towards fact, not fiction. Just being on vacation without the hassles and obligations of everyday life is reason enough. This freedom allows us to realize what is important to us, and that is each other.



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