Travel Personalities – What Type Are You?

There are many different types of travel personalities. Knowing which one(s) you and any companion(s) are will help guide you to experience the world to the fullest. The world is gigantic and can be overwhelming. There is just too much to see, to see things that don’t interest you, don’t make your heart sing, or that don’t fit your personality. If you can weed out the places that are not of any particular interest to you, by knowing your travel personality, you will enjoy traveling the world that much more.


Soloists already travel the world listening to their heart sing. We could all learn a lot from the way a soloist travels. They see the world how they want and when they want. They are a combination of all the travel personalities wrapped into one individual.

Partiers and Groupies

This personality’s sole purpose for traveling is to have fun and party wherever they go. For that reason, they travel in packs, seeking loud, crowded, areas that tend to have alcohol within an arm’s reach.

City Slickers

City Slickers are kind of like partiers, in the sense that they prefer to travel in the noise of the city. You will not find this personality backpacking and traveling the backcountry, especially on foot. They prefer to walk among the streets gazing into various shops, looking up at the tallest buildings, and making their way through the swarms of people who may be in their way on the sidewalks.


A documentarian travels the world capturing the beauty and history with his or her lens. Their photographs are incredible to look at, drawing you in, and enticing you to see that particular place with your own eyes.

Annual Vacationers

Between saving up for annual family reunions and annual family vacations, this is when this personality is able to travel. They look forward to these vacations all year-long.


A conscientious personality travels carefully, diligently, and creates an itinerary. They want to make certain that they have everything that they may need for all planned activities. They find that scheduling is relaxing so that they are not scrambling to fit in everything that they wanted to see and do. It would break their spirits if they missed something that they really had their hearts set on.

Adventurers and Thrill Seekers

These travelers explore places where others are too uncomfortable to go. And they enjoy activities that others might find too frightening to take part in, such as bungee jumping, skydiving, swimming with the sharks, etc. They thrive on the rush of adrenaline; it is their drug, their addiction.


Rejuvenators travel to places were they can relax without a lot of other human interaction and city noises. They seek quiet, beautiful areas. They tend to flock to cabins in the mountains and secluded beaches. They would prefer to allow their minds to wander away from the hustle and bustle of city life so that their souls and minds can recharge.


Weekenders travel every possible weekend that their schedules will allow. They find destinations that are nearby so that not too much time, if any, is taken off from work. They enjoy leaving their daily lives behind, and either relaxing or engaging in adventures before the next work week begins.

Economical Travelers

Are budget conscious, and will travel whenever and wherever they want, but they will set a budget and stick to it. As well as they will do everything possible to save a penny here and a penny there. They figure that the more they can save, the more traveling they can do.


The classic personality prefers to see and do everything that is deemed as ‘must-see’ by society’s standards. They feel more comfortable to travel with guides and maps so that these ‘must-see’ places are not accidentally missed. Anything and everything famous is where you will find this travel.

Resort Enthusiasts

These type of enthusiasts travel from resort to resort soaking in the rich, relaxed atmosphere that feels the resort air. They do not desire to shop or engage in something adventurous. They find pleasure basking in the sun, dipping in the pools, basically living a luxurious life for a period of time before they return to their daily grind.


Roadtrippers love the open roads, especially the highways. This personality has a love for traveling in a vehicle, typically a RV, so that they can take their home with them. They enjoy spending all their time together in a small space. Their relationships are strengthened and enriched because of the intimate space they constantly share.

Social Media Fanatics

The main goal of this particular personality is to flood all sorts of social media with photos of their travels, making sure that they look absolutely perfect. The ‘perfection’ comes into play by taking multiple photos from different angles. They focus upon themselves instead of the world around them. These people are the ‘look at me’ people. Other people might peg this personality as vain. I would not, they just have a different traveling personality, and that’s okay.


Meeting people and learning their culture is paramount with this travel personality. Their favorite thing to do is talk, talk, and talk some more. They travel to places where they can find others who will engage in any type of discussion with them. They are happy to sit outside, enjoying any type of drink as they converse about anything and everything. They definitely are classified as a people person, and quite chatty.

Free Spirited Soul Searchers

Searching for peace and answers about life is their objective. They relish in the serenity of nature enjoying one another’s company, sharing talents such as playing music, and expressing poetry, and spending lots of time thinking. You will typically find them in remote areas, close to one another, typically a circle of some sorts if there is more than a few travelers, so that no one appears to be left out. They are all connected to one another and their surroundings in some way.


Traveling from place to place to learn about the culture and history of the world is the main concern of this travel personality. They spend their time in museums, architectural sites, and art galleries, reading and broadening their minds as they go. They are not concerned about having fun in the traditional sense. Their fun consists of increasing their knowledge.


Romance is in the air wherever these personalities travel to. They tend to draw out the intimacy in their travels. Expressing love by holding hands, kissing, gazing into one another’s eyes, regardless of where they are. Their goal is to see the world with their partner in hand, intimately sharing experiences along the way.


Dreamers have a bucket list nearby to which they constantly reference. They also might have a change jar in their sights as well, that continues to fill. This personality regularly thinks about traveling, but either doesn’t have the means, they can’t decide where to begin, or they are waiting for the perfect time to travel. Therefore, they continue to dream about traveling, instead of actually traveling, while they live vicariously through other people’s travels.

Have you decided what type of travel personality you are? Don’t fret if you can’t decided on just one, because the truth is, a person typically does not fall into one personality. They fit into multiple traveling personalities. But it is still important to think about and discuss with your traveling partner(s), if you are not a soloist, what attractions, activities, places, and how you like to travel, appeal to your personality. Be true to your soul, and let your heart sing, during your travels.



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