Happy Valentine’s Day

An Italian Culture

Valentine’s Day has always been an important day for Italians. Love is portrayed all over their beautiful country on a daily basis, most places you will see lovers so entwined they are inattentive to the world around them. The Italian culture is full of love. In Italy, Valentine’s Day is the most popular day to become engaged. On this day, there are many special celebrations throughout Italy that they treasure so immensely. Streets are lined with hanging red heart lights and decorations.

Valentine’s Day originated from ancient Roman culture and the Catholic Church over 800 years ago. In the third century, Emperor Claudius II, thought young unmarried men made the best soldiers, so he banned them from getting married. A young priest by the name of Valentine didn’t agree with the Emperor, he continued marrying couples anyway. When the Emperor found out, he imprisoned Valentine, and sentenced him to death.

While in prison, Valentine befriended a jailer, who had a blind daughter. Through what is regarded as a miracle, he restored the girls sight, and the jailer converted to Christianity. The day before his execution he wrote a letter to the jailer and his daughter and signed it “Your Valentine”. He was executed on February 14th, 270 A.D.

Writing letters and sending cards became a part of Italy’s Valentine’s Day tradition and remains so today. I’m grateful for Valentine’s Day, a true celebration of love.

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