Fear Destination Revealed

We all have at least one place in the world we would like to travel to, and/or experience, but are too apprehensive for whatever reason. Whether it deals with money, legitimate fears, or both. Mount Everest is that place for my wife and I.

We enjoy hiking and summiting peaks, but at a lower elevation. We also seek adventures that provide an adrenaline rush, but on a level that is not as extreme as the extreme thrill-seekers. People say thrill-seekers are fearless, but if you think about it, these people are actually not fearless, because it is fear that drives them to experience adventures and journeys that are considered extremely dangerous. They feel gratification mastering tasks that are too frightening and too dangerous for those who do not identify themselves as extreme thrill-seekers.

My wife and I are not about taking extreme risks with our lives. In our eyes, Mount Everest is death staring right into your soul, waiting to grab hold, and leave you lifeless. The following facts about Mount Everest intrigue many people, while the same facts are what keep us from risking our lives, even though, if we made it out alive, it most definitely would be an amazing journey.

Mount Everest Facts

  • Permits for foreigners range from $8,000 – $11,000 per person, depending on what side you begin the climb.
  • Above sea level, it is the tallest mountain in the world, measuring 29,029’.
  • There are only two months per year (May and November) where the jet stream that sits on top of the mountain moves north and the winds calm down enough to make the climb.
  • Temperatures are -30℃ in November and -20℃ in May, which is enough to freeze your skin immediately if exposed to the air.
  • Air is thin, oxygen is low, you could end up with Altitude Sickness or High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), which has a high risk of being fatal.
  • The trek from start to finish is typically 38 days, IF the weather cooperates, and you are able to acclimate to the altitude. Most people spend weeks at base camp – – waiting.
  • The mountain is littered with corpses, as it is too unsafe to remove them from the mountainside.

With each passing year, this trek gains popularity. More and more people are finding their way to this region to conquer a death-defying task. If that is YOU, please take appropriate measures to return safely.

As for my wife and I, we will stick with journeys and adventures that we feel are less dangerous. Who knows, maybe we will just hike to base camp.

What destination would you like to travel to, or experience, but are held back by fear?

Happy Travels and Stay Safe!


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