Park City, Utah

Red Pine Adventures

June 2018 & January 2019

Park City is one of our favorite local destinations here in Utah. With it’s beautiful scenery, snow skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, many fine restaurants and bars, and so much more; it’s a great place for a weekend getaway. A lot has changed in Utah since the 2002 Winter Olympics came to Park City. The biggest change was the state liquor laws. Beforehand, people jokingly said, it was like prohibition of the 1920’s. But to cater to people of the world, liquor laws loosened considerably. Park City made Ski Magazine’s “Resorts of the Year 2019: Best Nightlife in the West” list, along strong players like Vail, Colorado and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A noteworthy accolade. Park City is a popular destination for many, locally and nationally.

Red Pine Adventures is family owned by ancestors of early settlers to the area. They own hundreds of acres in the Park City mountains. Property such as this is worth millions of dollars, but the owners thus far have decided to keep the property and the resultant business in the family. Park City has grown a hundred fold, from its early beginnings as a mining town. Park City was discovered in 1868 when silver was discovered in the area, but by 1950 it was almost a ghost town when silver prices dropped drastically.

Our first trip to Red Pine Adventures was in June 2018; we went horseback riding. They are conveniently located near Canyons Village, which is a good central location of Park City. The horseback riding they offer is a guided tour through beautiful mountains on their privately owned land. There were many stops on our tour that offered scenic overlooks of lakes, rugged ridges, and the numerous mountain ranges in this area.

At the current time they offered a 1 ½ hour tour for $99 and a private 1 ½ hour tour for $150. When we made reservations, which is strongly recommended, they didn’t require a deposit. The day prior to our tour someone called to confirm the reservation, and to let us know when to arrive. It’s best to dress appropriately, closed toed shoes, long pants and clothing layers that suit the current weather conditions. Also, don’t forget to bring sunblock.

The horses were all good-looking animals, and appeared to be in good health. They were very well-mannered and a pleasure to ride. The horses are outfitted with decent saddles and a saddle bag to put small items in. We suggest you bring water and snacks if you desire them. I think we were offered water, but I can’t remember for certain. I do know they aren’t into offering much in regards to drinks or snacks, maybe because the tour is only 1 ½ hours, I don’t know. Personally, if it was my business, a choice of a drink and snack would be included.

All of the employees were friendly and shared their knowledge about the area. They were also willing to help anyone who needed it and kept everyone safe. We appreciated the offers to take pictures of us with our cell phones. They also offered to take pictures with their cell phones and later sent them to us.

Overall, we had a great time riding those horses. Would we do this again? Yes, we would and we do recommend this tour to others. Red Pine Adventures is rated between 4.5 and 5 stars on sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor and Facebook. Those are really good ratings for this type of business.

Our second trip to Red Pine Adventures was in January 2019, in which we went snowmobiling. All of their tours are guided (they also offer a snowshoeing guided tour). On the snowmobile adventure you meet at the main office and then get shuttled on a van for a few miles to where the snowmobiles are located. We suggest you get there early, as they suggest as well, and be ready to go. We arrived 30 minutes early and other guests had arrived in their full winter gear, ready to go. We still had to change clothes/add layers and we were rushed, although our reserved time was still 15 minutes away. This irritated me. I’m a planner, and I plan so that we are not rushed during our travels. There was a porta potty where the snowmobiles are located, and felt rushed at this point as well.

Dress appropriately for cold weather, including snow pants, gloves, warm jacket, helmet and goggles. They do provide helmets and other items if you need them. We have our own. It didn’t look like anyone was offered a head sock that they could use in the provided helmets, so your head/hair is sharing the same space where many others have been. Not our idea of cleanliness.

We were not offered any drinks or snacks, prior to, or after the tour. Once again, I think they can improve upon this. A nice hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate with some trail mix or fruit would be welcomed upon returning from the tour. I’m sure it wouldn’t break them. The snowmobile tours are 1 ½ hours; $199 for a single person, add $40 for a passenger. They also offer a private tour which doesn’t state the cost, you must call for that information. All of their tours offer free shuttle service from local hotels, which is a nice option to have.

The snowmobiles were all current model year Ski-Doo 600 Ace Expedition two-seat models. They performed well, although they could use more power in my opinion, but I think everything is underpowered. Remember to switch from “Economy Mode” to “Sport Mode”, this is done on the electronic instrument panel and provides a huge difference in power. This will obviously burn more gas, but hey, that’s part of what you are paying for.

Before the tour began, the two tour guides gave instruction on safety and how to operate the machines. We had a great time snowmobiling, similar to the horseback riding tour. We rode through scenic mountain side trails, lined with pine trees and aspens. We rode up to approximately 10,000 feet, which offered incredible views, we were able to see for hundreds of miles. We went to an open meadow where we were allowed to ‘play’ for a while, this included a decent sized hill we could drive down, but they asked us not to drive up it. A little while into the tour I made a sharp low-speed turn and tipped our snowmobile on its side (see video below), nobody got hurt. One of the tour guides said it’s harder to maneuver with two people, opposed to only having the driver. Which is true, but my wife didn’t want to have her own snowmobile. We love being close together.

All in all, we had fun, me more so than Kimberly. She isn’t a speed demon like myself and was scared at times. Also, the ride was often rough making it difficult for her to keep her little body on the seat.

This is a pricey tour, considering it’s only 1½ hours, but we still recommend it to others.

Red Pine Adventures

(435) 649–9445

We are not affiliated in any manner with Red Pine Adventures, and do not profit from linking to their website.

Videos we took snowmobiling:

Snowmobiling Video 1

Snowmobiling Video 2

Snowmobiling Video 3

Snowmobiling Video 4

Videos were made with a GoPro HERO5


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