How to Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the recent world events, we all share feelings of helplessness, worry, and uncertainty. During this challenging time, we all try to find something that releases our stress and brings happiness into our lives, while maintaining a bit of normalcy. Traveling is one of those activities in our lives that resets our psyches and centers our souls. Without the freedom and ability to travel, we as human beings become pessimistic, depressed, and aggressive.

But how does one travel during a pandemic? The answer is simple . . . creativity. Creativity not only leads to knowledge, it also sets your mind, heart, and soul free. We all have the power to travel without leaving our homes, all you need is your creative juices to start flowing.

Listed below are ways you can travel from home:

  • Watch a movie that is focused on a different area of the world.
  • Watch or read National Geographic.
  • Read a fiction book that is focused on a different area of the world.
  • Create a piece of art or write a story about a different area of the world.
  • Listen to music from different areas of the world.
  • Learn at least the introductory words and phrases of new languages.
  • Research a different area of the world.
  • Learn about cuisines in different areas of the world. If you have the ingredients at home, expand the experience by inviting the smells of that part of the world into your home.
  • Learn dances from different areas of the world.
  • Surf the internet and peruse books for interesting and beautiful photographs from different areas of the world.
  • Use social media to meet new people and to learn about their culture.
  • And finally, create travel itineraries for that magical moment when our traveling lives are back to normal.

Traveling from home is an excellent way to continue your traveling experiences during this difficult and challenging time.

Stay safe!


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