A man and his woman, Gerard and Kimberly, are inseparable souls, whose “everyday life” currently interferes with the frequency of our travels. Vivacity Travel was created to expand the level of sharing our passion of all things travel, with more than just people we personally know. We take pride in providing upfront, honest insights, along with useful information and tips, as well as recipes and fitness related information, plus the history of the world in which we live. We are a couple who compliments one another’s strengths and weaknesses on a unique level. Gerard is our behind-the-scenes originator. Creating our travel itineraries, designing and publishing our website, and dabbling in photography. Kimberly is also behind-the-scenes as the writer. Ghost writing as if she were using her husband’s voice. She’s becoming immersed in photography. Together we capture the beauty of our experiences. Regardless of what type of traveler you are, our goal is to inspire you to experience the world — genuinely.

Note, we have spent the last five and a half years traveling and exploring together. Some of our destinations occurred prior to the creation of Vivacity Travel. Dates are always posted for our viewers and followers, so that there is never any confusion as to when our travels and adventures took place.